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It’s a complicated world to be young in. At the Bee-lieve Foundation, we convert the generosity of our donors and the passion of our applicants into grass-roots programmes that build and sustain positive mental health in UK schools.

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Our vision is for every young person to be able to reach their full potential, live a happy, fulfilled life and contribute positively to society.

Today, our young people need more help than ever maintaining positive mental health. It has been, and continues to be, a challenging time to be young.

We Bee-lieve we can make a difference.

Bee-live foundation


Our mission is to positively impact the emotional wellbeing and mental health of as many children, young people and their families as possible. We do this by partnering with schools to fund programmes and investments that support pupils of all ages with their mental health.

Bee-live foundation


All our projects are funded through the generosity of our donors, and every penny we make goes directly into the provision of services, personnel and facilities where they are most needed.

  • It could setting up a quiet space for children to find calm in their busy days
  • It might be the integration of emotional wellbeing/mental health-affirming elements into a curriculum
  • Or perhaps the training of staff to be drawing and talk therapy champions
  • Or the implementation of a whole school monitoring, assessment and tracking programme to ensure any issues are identified and actioned at the earliest opportunity
  • And so much besides
Hannah Ingram-Moore at the Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Surrey awarding Bee-lieve Foundation the first regional winner of Virgin Media O2 Connector Award - 04.10.21

We’re proud of the diversity of projects we support, but they all have two things in common.

  1. They’re focused on helping young people be happier and healthier
  2. They’re led by passionate, knowledgeable people like you, who have a vision to make a positive change, and apply to us for funding


The Bee-lieve Foundation also maintains and develops key partnerships with Teach Active – who bring physical activity to the maths and English curriculum – and Bounce Together – who make monitoring pupils’ emotional wellbeing easier. Schools can apply through us to on-board these important programmes at significant discount.

Bee-live foundation


We love supporting people passionate about growing positive emotional wellbeing and mental health in schools, and our minds are wide open to new ideas. You can find out more about partnering with us on better mental health for young people in our ‘Funding’ page.


Why our work matters


50% of adult mental health issues are established by the age of 14


There is typically a ten-year delay between young people displaying signs of poor mental health and getting professional help.


34% of young people referred into NHS services are not accepted for treatment.


Currently 1 in 6 young people are struggling with their mental wellbeing. That’s five children in every UK classroom.

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Our Partner Schools

The following schools are all part of Bee-lieve Foundation’s mission to build a brighter future for all young people.

Please click on the school’s logo to visit their website.

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