Niamh Hunter

Niamh Hunter
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Surrey born and bred, with a passion for education and continuous learning. My journey began at Salesian School in Chertsey, followed by a dedicated pursuit of primary education studies at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, a university lauded by Ofsted as a top institution for teaching excellence.

As an advocate for holistic education, I embrace diverse experiences. Five years ago, I embarked on a thrilling journey by obtaining my motorbike license, alongside achieving Level 3 certification in British Sign Language.

I was delighted to be invited as a trustee for the Bee-lieve Foundation. I champion the belief that happiness precedes education. My guiding principle emphasises that children’s laughter lays the foundation for fruitful learning experiences.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, I champion the importance of alternative avenues for child development. With a specialisation in physical education and music, I recognise the transformative power of creative learning and physical activity on children’s mental well-being. Highlights of my academic calendar include Sports Day and the annual school production, where students flourish outside traditional academic settings.